Trust in the choices you make.

Dear Torchbearers.

Today I had a discovery about the choices I have made about my journey. As some of you know, I sold my apartment and left everything behind, to follow my passion to be a coach.
Now, I am being tested on my choice to do so. My money is soon running out, I don`t have any savings or any rights I can "lean on".
Job offerings are starting to appear, and in one week I have had 3 job offerings to go back to the restaurant business. It would be "easy", easy money, "I am saved". But the thought of going back makes me sick, physical sick.
Today I was in an interview that made me think;  "maybe, it can bring some coaching business along".

They wanted me to take on a catering business with a cafe, in a corp called Kias, and I would be able to work with people who are in progress. As their coworker / boss. To help and motivate them, beside them in the kitchen. I thought about it for a short while, it could be the solution to start with, maybe I am being picky.. ? Maybe I just need to get started? Is this solutions coming my way for me to take on?

I was telling them about my experience as a client in NAV, that I have experience on the "other side". And they then told me that there was another position available that I could apply for that was as a consultant, guiding the people who has ended up as users of the Nav systems. As I was sitting there, observing them, talking to them, thinking that "that could actually be nice", it hit me.

It dosen`t matter what side of the desk you are sitting at, because both sides are doing it for the money! The intention of it is wrong. One of them talked about he wanting to do coaching, but his energy is in this corporation, because he dosen`t trust in him self and the choices he has made! The other one had low energy and was full of limiting beliefs and decisions.. I felt a resistance building up. Nope, this is not what I want.

They settles, for a job that pays their bills. While their passion inside dies by the limiting of the corp. But they can be "safe" and pay their bills.

It was like something fell into place, and I felt calm. I felt stronger and clearer because, I saw that this is definitely NOT what I want. If I am working with NAV in any way, it is as a speaker. To the people who works there. To race their awareness.
I know what I want, and I am going to stand in that choice. Period. And I am not gonna settle because I am afraid.
I have chosen to become a coach, because I want to help and develop people who wants to develop and grow. They are my clients. And I am going to stand by my choice and trust in my own journey ?

Love & Light Sunshine <3

Trust in the choices you make.

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