Community Guidelines

Welcome to our Global community of Torchbearers. The intention for this community is to share, inspire and support each other to move forward into the Dimension of Unity. With loving guidance of Zarius & The Order of 7 we will move forward on our individual journeys as well as our collective journeys.

Please read through our community guidelines which are set in place to allow openness, honesty and trust between members.

Be respectful of each others journeys

Remember the importance of being a pure channel of love. As a member of this Torchbearer community you respect and accept others for who they are. You choose to see the best in others and communicate in a loving manner by being a channel of love.

No discrimination

On a soul’s journey we are all one, in spirit we are all alike. In knowing this there is no discrimination. As a Torchbearer you take full responsibility for your life which reflects in your actions. You don’t discriminate against individuals or groups based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, nationality, veteran status or sexual orientation, gender identity, or inciting hatred on the basis of these core characteristics.

I am

Your intention is clear when you say ‘I am’, follow-up with action, loving action. Stand within yourself take responsibility for your actions and you will have the support you need from the Torchbearer community. Be patient with yourself and your fellow Torchbearers by respecting each others journeys. Allowing yourself to be open, honest and respectfully you give of yourself and in return all Torchbearers, including yourself, will automatically accept that all information shared is done so in confidentiality.

Our gift

We speak with you today surrounded by our common friends. Those who carry insight within, that can assist your own journey on the Light-Path - together and alone. Our platform is a place filled with passion, inspiration and hope and we ask that you respect that by not sharing spam, violent or graphic content, harmfull or dangerous content, copyrighted material or threats of any kind.

Please take the time to read our privacy policy and terms of service for more in-depth information about

Thank you for wanting to be a part of our Global community of Torchbearers and assisting in lifting the frequency here on Mother Earth! And remember to have fun connecting with likeminded people from around the world!

«Let go of all illusion of fear and trust your role as a Torchbearer. Your light is shining brightly.»

Love & Light,

Vibecke Garnaas

Channel for Zarius & The Order of 7