Mother Earth is a Masterpiece

Channeled 04. november 2016: 

Mother Earth is a masterpiece! Her beauty is divine buy xenical. Her spirit brings healing to all living things. She embraces you with unconditional love by giving of her resources. Through nature you can experience her joy and happiness giving hope to all living things. Her energy filles your heart, igniting your life’s passion. She nourishes and replenishes your bodies. She connects you with your true nature. All she wants is for you to succeed following your souls path.

You are responsible for your actions and let me remind you that where energy flows you are acting as a human being.

I ask you my friends; why do you try to harm your Mother? What possesses you to think you’re more valuable than she who gave you a place to evolve?

I ask of you my friends, to open your hearts and allow your Mother’s unconditional love, bring you peace of mind!


Chief of the Holy Land

Mother Earth is a Masterpiece

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