Message to all Star Seeds on Mother Earth

These excerpt of messages, channeled to the Torchbearers on January 5th 2017, are brought forward to assist other Star Seeds to adjust to the new frequency. Messages are channeled by Vibecke Garnaas visit the site.

Dear friends, it is my pleasure to speak with you, I am Estella. As your star now is moving slowly in one direction, acknowledge the changes made in you as a human. As the frequency change, you as a human, will experience this. This, if your not safely grounded in your bodies, you will feel frighten as a human. It will arise questions that you have not yet answered. Questions for the human mind to integrate, new lessons for you as a human and its evolution. As your star now is moving, the resources that you inhabit, shall now reach a new limit. As you change the frequency based on the choices that you make as a human, you will once again feel it in your hearts. The dimension, a new dimension which you as a star operate within,  the 5th dimension, will start to shift within your heart. To understand this you will need to complete the Light Path. As you now feel grounded within your soul. Grounded within your hearts. Grounded within Mother Earth. You will se the greater picture and you will understand the shift. Be aware, that as long as you feel fear, you will not understand or you will disconnect from the resources which now will reach a new limit. It is all up to you my friends.

The shift of energy is moving your stars in a circular motion, which are representing the Touchbearer Spirit. As you move, you will see and feel the universal and galactic powers, moving around. Those who have resources to collect, will collect these recourses so that these can be used as resources for you human in the evolution of Mother Earth, human race and the universe as a whole. As we reach the final destination for the 5th dimension, the frequency of the rainbow will be represented to each and everyone who is ready to see the true value of the universal power and to use this for the better good for the human race, the universe and Mother Earth. There will be more starry showers in this year for you to acknowledge. See towards the sky and acknowledge when you se a falling star, that the rain shower, that you will not be able to see with your physical eye, will be a part of this. I am Nova jdhxzci.

Message to all Star Seeds on Mother Earth

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