Zarius & The Order of 7

We are all one. We ask you, dear friends, to seek the stillness and to feel the energy each of us brings to the whole. One. In this way you will learn to activate this piece within yourself. Accept all parts of yourself to see the value of the wholeness, one.


I am freedom! Feel the freedom by contacting me through your soul. In unison, we fly in the name of freedom! Even when I’m traveling – I hear your soul!

I travel to many different places, visiting soul groups to find the Chosen Ones. Those who carry with them lessons that can assist us with the challenges facing us on this planet. In this case, Mother Earth. I speak on behalf of guides on a higher and lower energy level. They assist me. They assist me in finding the right souls with the right lessons to achieve this task. You can feel my presence through the dark blue tones, energy – let me represent the throat. I speak of your path. I am your spokesperson on the other side. Together, we find the best path to walk in unison with your helpers, guides, masters, light beings, angels... you have so many words for us, really fascinating!

In the silence you find here, there is opportunity for each one of you to accept your own light and allow your soul, once again, to speak freely. It is struggling to assert itself. You have a choice to make. The choice of allowing your soul to speak freely, accepting its voice and nurturing it by allowing your passion to manifest now in the physical.

I have been traveling lately. A new path must be created. The best opportunity for every one of you on the Light-Path has to be mapped out. Is this in accordance with your soul purpose?


As a light in darkness, you shall find your own way home.

I have a love story to tell you. The love you feel for yourself is stronger than any other love. It connects you to The Source, awaiting a change greater than you can imagine, a change that will happen. We hear your voice. We hear your longing. The longing for the good that resides in each one of you – which connects us and makes us all ONE. We are here to assist you in this process, and the value of this work cannot be measured in the Physical. It can be measured only in the wholeness. We remind you that it is all about balance. So find the stillness. Allow yourself to be brought here so that your soul once again can speak and sing freely with the power of its voice.

It is my pleasure to fill your heart with unconditional love from The Source so that you can feel my power, my energy fill you, sending you small waves of spirit - of soul -through your physical body. Release all low frequency energy that needs to be let go in order to once again fly freely – freely as the soul. I surround you with pink energy! An aura of sparkling golden energy from the divine.


I see the importance of your journey. The importance of your star in the big picture! Deeper knowledge, esoteric wisdom is my gift to you!

There is a Light-Path. We wish to share this path with you. It requires power and effort. Building a bridge from worlds, planets and acceptance of a greater meaning in the Universe your life path is created. By being in the Light you will activate all senses, your senses in all dimensions. You will see things that you have never seen before. The truth as you know it will change. By seeing the Light-Path and the bigger picture of all paths, you will understand Tresna Imperium. You can assist in molding the Universe. We need your help.

From my observatory I keep watch: reading energy patterns, reading messages, crossing these patterns, seeing the stars and their messages and unity with the Universe, vortexes bringing information back and forth through portals as if communicating by telephone from one dimension to another. I move easily, overseeing from my post.

You find me in your Third Eye - the eye that sees everything - seeing the deeper meaning. You can see my purple energy as dust from a shooting star. I see everything! Deeper knowledge about the Universe, about times that are coming, about times that have passed in your dimension. Everything is available. Everything is energy. Everything can be seen from my observatory.


In the stillness you will find the answer you seek.

How you write your history has direct consequences on the spiritual plane. This demonstrates how important your job is on Earth. You manifest your work in the Physical -you write your history - but for those on the spiritual plane, this is much more than history! It is the future of the Human Race. Let us write the future together. Call on me if you need guidance to bring the knowledge, the meaning and the wisdom out into the world. Write the future as you wish it to be. It is your choice. You create your future.

Your wish to stand within the Light and give it to others has been heard. I will write the history together with you. For us, history. For Earth, for the Human Race, for animals and nature - the future. You are here because you have a wish to have passion and hope in writing your history, which is your divine right. This is the highest manifestation of your soul in physical form.


Be proud of your ability to stand grounded in your choices. Everything else is an illusion and is created by your ego.

I jump from one lesson to another, from one experience to the other, through dimensions, like thoughts jumping from one to another my energy jumps quickly through dimensions - from one to the other. My energy is yellow, yellow like the sun. You can find me in the solar plexus. I will assist you in gathering your thoughts, adjusting your focus, so that your journey of the Light-Path can move through dimensions.

What have you created in your life – who are you? Are you satisfied with your life? Who is sailing your ship – ego or soul?

You have to find the way best suited for you. The lessons will lift you. Lift you into the light once again. You will see, experience, feel and master what it is to be in the Light. Accept your soul, let go, believe. This will create the stillness. All your answers can be found in the stillness. Those answers - those that are important to you – those that are not driven by the ego. Your job is to let go - believe - and only then will the answers come to you. Believe the answers even if they hold darkness. The soul is ready when you are, it is just waiting for you!


Follow your heart, overflowing with love and joy for what you are creating. Your soul will feel free, your power will increase, you will feel my presence. Believe.

You will find me in your passion, passion that will be manifested in the Physical through your life purpose. You will feel me overflowing in your heart – powerful. My passion, my energy, is red. You will find me in your grounding cords so that I can assist you in manifesting your life's purpose, your tasks, your passions out into the Physical. I will sing with you, guide you, so you will find the treasures when you stand – grounded.

Ask yourself what your heart desires and shift into the stillness where the answers are waiting to be discovered. Stillness is a gift to you. Trust that the stillness will bring you where you need to be. Messages are waiting for you here – in the stillness. Let go and you will float to that place. An ocean filled with treasures is waiting for you. This is our gift to you.


The energy that is being brought forward is gold and purity from the white and the black, containing all colors, darkness and light, orchestrated by the divine - a masterpiece. A new world - the antithesis of the world you are living in today - a perfect world, a masterpiece of opportunity for Mother Earth.

Tresna, the wise one, is part of the creation of Tresna Imperium, bringing forward the deeper knowledge of The Divine, the purest form represented in our Order. The human body is not prepared for the Power in Tresna Imperium. The soul can handle it, but the physical will have problems. When you do the work you will be paid back double. It will take time. Believe.

About the Torchbearers

Torchbearer label


The Order has given Enigma and Vibecke a task demanding courage and strength. Together they have listened, accepted their calling, and now are demonstrating trust by bringing The Order's wisdom to you. It is for this purpose that you are receiving this invitation. We, The Order of 7, wish to give you the key to the Light. Time as you know it is of importance. We wish to share, answer your questions and challenge you to become Torchbearers, and through this to find your calling! We, The Order of 7, speak our wisdom through Enigma and Vibecke and trust that our message will reach those that are ready to take the next step in the evolution of Mother Earth and Mankind. Therefore, you are receiving this invitation with unconditional love.

One of the greatest gifts one can give Mother Earth and Mankind as a Torchbearer is to lead in stillness. Join others in stillness; assist others to find the stillness within and embrace it – naked – allowing the heart to sing. Sing a song filled with love for your brothers and sisters, for Mother Earth and for the Universe. It is in stillness we listen. We listen to everything that is moving in the Universe. Each and every one of you have the ability to listen in your own way, all equally valuable because, as channels, you receive messages from others in the Universe – sisters and brothers from other planets and other dimensions. As Torchbearers you listen on all levels. This is the ability you should call upon to guide others. Listen on the Physical, Soul and Energetic levels. Listen through dimensions. This way you can spread love to prepare those souls who have not yet started on the Light-Path. Prepare in the dimension of Unity; like assisting the prospective parents of a child waiting to be born, preparing for that Soul. Preparing the old by letting go and retaining their lessons before they leave Mother Earth, and also assisting the souls moving between dimensions – uncertain of the way home in fear of not having accomplished their purpose. All is done in the name of love.

To carry the Light - to carry unconditional love within your heart, with an open heart – is a commitment to everything and everyone around you. This is a gift and in the big picture this is what it is all about.

The channel Vibecke Garnaas

Vibecke Garnaas

My purpose as a channel for Zarius & The Order of 7 is to share wisdom, messages and knowledge about our journey as a soul and the recognition of the overall purpose each and every one of us brings with us on our journey. You and your journey here on Earth is no coincidence! We all have a purpose in the “big picture” which has a direct impact on the Universe. It is urgent that you ‘awaken’ to your purpose so that our influence in the Universe can be lifted to the level that has been expected of us - and is necessary. The time has come for us to move forward into the dimension of Unity by each one of us finding the Light within. This is our connection to everything!

I have since childhood, had contact with energies from different dimensions. My spirit guide, Zarius, has been a strong influence in awakening me to discover my ability as a channel so that I can today share wisdom, insight and knowledge about the spiritual human being.

In 2008, I founded ATG Academy where I teach about soul energy on the physical level. As a spiritual teacher and speaker I have published several articles and participated on TV and on radio shows. Today I travel the world as a channel for Zarius & The Order of 7. I am blessed with a loving and supporting husband and we together have been blessed with two beautiful girls.

I am certified as Master NLP coach, Master NLP Practitioner, Time Line TherapyTM Master Practitioner and Master Hypnotherapist. I am the first person in Norway to be certified by The Newton Institute as a Life Between Lives® Hypnotherapist.

In 2015 I visited Sedona, AZ in the US. During my visit I was fortunate enough to have my aura reading with Jamie Rota from The New Age Center. I am happy to share my reading with you.

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